Buying An International Premium Rate Numbers (IPRN) – All You Wanted To Know

This article will help to understand all about owning and running a International Premium Rate Number service (IPRN). It will give details on the setup procedure, disaster recovery and other information about setting up and running a successful business. The simplest way to proceed with a International Premium Rate Number service is to start with a pre-built package. One of the simpler ones is the virtual switchboard package.

iprn numbers

There are companies which offer the same functionality of a company switchboard package at a fraction of the cost. This package helps you to guide your customer through an interactive voice menu. When a customer calls in the interactive voice recording system will guide him/ her to the services of his/ her preference. The functionality of the switchboard helps you to inform callers of the working hours of any particular service offered. The packages available also helps to allocate and de-allocate lines to handle peak traffic scenarios.

There are also industry specific telephone lines available, if you are interested to offer support to your customers and generate revenues. The staff responding to the premium calls are made aware that the calls received are premium rate calls. The costs for setting up a Premium Rate Numbers Support service are approximately £99 as administration costs. The line rental cost will cost you approximately 70 pence per day. You can get a percentage of each call that is made. You can set the charges that you want to charge your callers and in typical cases the charges can be anything between 10 pence and £1.

In case your phone system fails and you need to have a disaster recovery plan in place there are systems to help you out. These systems will help you to route calls to mobiles, homes or any other alternative numbers that you may wish to re-direct the calls.

There can be different kinds of services that you may want to offer by using premium rate services. A competition line is one service that can be offered to customers. It is a fun service which asks callers for an answer to questions. The caller is given three options and he has to choose the right answer. If the answer is right then he is asked to leave his number otherwise he is asked to try again.

This is a service which can be bought to generate quick revenues. You may also want to start a horse racing tip service. There are systems available which allows callers to hear pre-recorded message which can be updated frequently. The caller hears the message which is replayed until the caller hangs up. The caller is charged as per the rates fixed by you.

Buying and starting a Premium Rate Number service is easy and cost effective. All you need to have is a good business model and excellent services which will help you to attract and retain customers. A good advertisement campaign gives a head start to your Premium Rate Number services and you can reap the benefits of your efforts in a short time.

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